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Nessy Barzilay Ceramics
Handmade Organic Ceramics
Bay Area, CA

Ceramic Artist

Handmade Organic Ceramics
Bay Area, CA


Ceramics Flower
Organic Ceramics


After working for years in high tech, I discovered my passion for art and now I spend most of my time in the ceramics studio contentedly working with clay. I began my journey making jewelry. But shortly thereafter I discovered that clay gives me the freedom to work on large scale pieces almost without any tools, mostly just using my bare hands.  Earlier I was focused on precision and perfection, but through my work I have learned to accept and embrace the imperfections in my art and in my life.


Most of my work is done with paper clay that gives me the freedom to use clay just as I use pieces of paper. I especially love working with coils, connecting them into fragile shapes,  exploring the strength of the clay, and finding the negative spaces in them.


My garden totems, are created from different pieces threaded together, like beads in a necklace. For me they are the jewels of my garden. In them I combine my love of jewelry and my passion for gardening.  I use higher fire with a combination of shiny and mat glazes so my pieces will stand out in the garden. I try to create my art just as nature creates itself. It evolves, and nothing looks quite the same.

You can see my work at:

Higher Fire studio, San Jose, where I work.

ACCI Gallery, Berkeley, CA

Sierra Azul Nursery & Gardens, Watsonville, CA

Shop Online @Nessy Ceramics on  Etsy


Totems for the garden by Nessy Barzilay



Ceramics for the garden




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